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Welcome to Merlin Boutique Wines. A well-established family owned business. Distributing fine Italian & Australian Boutique wines throughout all areas of Sydney.

Merlin Boutique imports high quality Italian wines directly and distributes these wines to some of Sydney’s top restaurants, bottle shops and wine enthusiasts. Furthermore Merlin Boutique obtain exceptional wines from little known boutique Italian and Australian vineyards. As a result the art and passion for producing fine wine is evident in the quality.

In addition most of our sources are wineries that have been in business for generations. They use long learned traditional methods for selecting the best grapes which creates many varieties of award-winning wines.

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The company’s Italian roots provide their clients with extra insight into selecting the very best wines from the right regions. Locally and internationally! Also a selection from our wide variety of fine whites, reds and sparkling wines, are offered a next-day delivery service. This includes Restaurants & Bottle shops in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Merlin Boutique Wines has been established for over 10 years, and continues to grow, along with Australia’s appetite for quality products. This is a family business which dates all the way back to Monopoli Italy in the Apulia region. Sarina, Frank and Ben have a passion for boutique Italian wines. But most of all their customer service is second to none.


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Merlin Boutique wines have been a great supporter of Amatos Liquor Mart over the years, from the humble beginnings, Merlin and Amatos have worked hand in hand supporting each other, through wine fairs, in store promos, and Amatos Staff heavily supporting the Merlin Brands.
We have no problem in trusting Sarina and Ben in supporting any new wines they have added in Merlin portfolio.

     Regards Franc